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CEO DATELINE – Manufacturing group’s vaccination ribbon makes Oscars appearance

By Kathryn Walson

April 27, 2021

A ribbon campaign by the National Association of Manufacturers and The Manufacturing Institute made a red-carpet appearance at Sunday’s Oscars.

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Two Academy Awards attendees, plus hundreds of people behind the scenes, wore round lapel pins with an image of red and yellow ribbon. The ribbon indicates the wearer has had the COVID-19 vaccine and supports the country’s vaccination effort, according to a statement by NAM and MI.

Charlene Swankie, who appeared in Best Picture winner “Nomadland,” wore the pin on the red carpet and stage. Director Steven Soderbergh, producer of the Oscars ceremony, was also photographed wearing the ribbon.

More than 500 production staffers wore the pins behind the scenes; Shiny Penny Productions, a production and management company, had ordered 500 pins, according to the statement.

“On more and more shop floors across America, manufacturing team members are sporting yellow and red ribbon pins to show they have been safely vaccinated—just like Sunday night’s production team,” NAM CEO Jay Timmons said in a statement. The Manufacturing Institute is NAM’s affiliated workforce development and education arm.

“The NAM and the MI are proud to help raise awareness and show that getting our shot is the safe and right thing to do,” Timmons continued. “After all, it’s not just about us. It’s about our coworkers, our loved ones, our communities, our country and our future.”

Employers and vaccine site administrators can order the ribbon pins for $1 apiece from NAM to provide to people who’ve had their shots.

NAM and MI launched the Yellow and Red Ribbon initiative March 25 as part of their “This is Our Shot” campaign aimed at assuring manufacturers, their employees and their communities that COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective and available. Yellow symbolizes support, and red represents caring for one another.

NAM and MI encourage people to wear the ribbon to work, out in public or on social media. They are also urging people to make ribbons at home or find them online.

“It’s the same philosophy behind ‘I Voted’ stickers,” Timmons said. “Seeing that others have been safely vaccinated sends a powerful message to those who have not yet made the decision to get their shot.”