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CEO DATELINE - Report: Microsoft, Uber leaving Internet Association

Nov. 17, 2021
By Walt Williams

Microsoft and Uber are exiting the Internet Association as the tech industry has become increasingly fractured over which policy goals to pursue, the news site Axios reported Tuesday.

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IA currently lists 42 members on its website, including Microsoft and Uber. The departures of two major tech industry players could be a blow for the group, although its membership roster will still include many recognizable internet brands, such as Google, Facebook and PayPal.

The two departures come at IA’s influence has waned in recent years, “partly because it does not work on the competition and antitrust issues that beset the industry right now,” Axios reported. It also comes a few months after Politico reported high dissatisfaction among association staff and divisions among the group’s membership over policy issues such as liability protection for content appearing on online platforms.

“It is always unfortunate to lose a member, but business decisions related to time and resources are to be respected," Christina Martin, senior vice president of global communications and public affairs at IA, told Axios.

IA was launched 2012 by some of the largest players in the online economy. The association’s founding CEO Michael Beckerman left in 2020 to become head of U.S. policy for TikTok. Dane Snowden is currently CEO of the group.