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CEO DATELINE — Trade groups sue over H-1B visa rules

Oct. 20, 2020
By Lori Sharn

A coalition of universities and top trade groups are suing the Trump administration over new restrictions on the immigration of skilled foreign workers.

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The lawsuit filed Monday says two interim final rules published in The Federal Register Oct. 8 “constitute a coordinated assault on the H-1B visa category.”  The rules would require higher pay for H-1B workers and redefine who is eligible for the visas.

“These rules are extraordinary: If left unchecked, they would sever the employment relationship of hundreds of thousands of existing employees in the United States, and they would virtually foreclose the hiring of new individuals via the H-1B program,” the lawsuit says.

The Trump administration says the rules “restore integrity” to the H-1B visa program, close loopholes and protect American workers.

Plaintiffs to the lawsuit include The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, National Association of Manufacturers, National Retail Federation and the American Association of International Healthcare Recruitment. Education-related plaintiffs include the California Institute of Technology and Cornell University.  

The American Immigration Lawyers Association also filed a lawsuit Monday seeking to enjoin the rule changing the prevailing wage for H-1B visa holders. AILA is representing pro bono 17 individual and organizational plaintiffs, including the Information Technology Industry Council and several universities.