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CEO DATELINE – Infusion center group transforms into trade association

Oct. 19, 2020
By Walt Williams

A Texas-based nonprofit organization representing infusion centers announced Monday that it had officially transformed into a trade association and launched a foundation to support the industry alternative to hospital-based infusion therapy.

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The National Infusion Center Association has existed since 2010, but under its new status as a trade association, the organization will develop industry standards and advance policy that protects the non-hospital infusion center business model, including protection from “harmful” prescription benefit manager and insurer practices.

“Our nation’s community-based infusion centers represent a critical delivery channel in which patients can receive the high-quality care they need in a safe environment at a fraction of the cost of hospitals,” NICA CEO Brian Nyquist said in a statement.

Infusion centers are outpatient clinics that administer medications that cannot be delivered orally. Many hospitals have their own infusion centers, but the association represents stand-alone clinics.

In addition to its new status as a trade association, NICA has launched the Infusion Access Foundation to ensure patients “have access to provider-administered therapies for any and all complex diseases.” The foundation will serve as “a supportive and inclusive community for the patients receiving these life-changing medications as they seek understanding, empowerment, and unwavering support throughout their disease management journey,” according to the association.

NICA is based in Austin. Its website is