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CEO DATELINE—Liquid fuels association PMAA changes name

Oct. 14, 2020

By William Ehart

The former Petroleum Marketers Association of America has rebranded as Energy Marketers of America.

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The group said in a statement Tuesday that the “name change is reflective of the group’s growing portfolio of affordable, efficient, and environmentally friendly liquid fuels and other alternative energy sources.” Those fuels include renewable diesel and biodiesel and renewable gasoline, EMA said.

Alexandria, Va.-based EMA is a federation of state and regional trade associations representing about 8,000 independent petroleum marketers. Members own and operate retail motor fuel stations and supply heating fuel to homes and businesses.

“Liquid fuels are and will continue to be a crucial driver of economic growth in this county and a catalyst for affordable transportation,” EMA President Rob Underwood said.

“Lawmakers should consider a technology neutral approach when it comes to promoting policies that reduce emissions,” he said. “The most cost-effective way to reduce emissions from transportation is to support technologies that do so for the vast majority of vehicles on the road. …

“Research and funding for reductions in carbon emissions associated with liquid fuels should be treated with the same urgency as afforded to electrification,” Underwood said.