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Associations grapple with impact of virus on events, industries

CEO Update's continuing coverage on how associations are responding to the coronavirus
Transmission electron microscopic image from the first U.S. case of COVID-19, illustration of coronavirus, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Charting a path forward

Open communication with board is key during a crisis
Top execs must stay in contact with volunteer leaders but be mindful of their time.

How to organize a (mostly) perfect virtual board meeting
Test out your equipment beforehand, dedicate a staffer to overseeing the technology, check state laws to avoid potential legal issue.

Now is the time for groups to give back to members
Despite intense financial pressure, associations need to put members first, money second.

Turning to technology in lieu of traveling to Capitol Hill for fly-ins
With spring fly-in season crushed by pandemic, some groups are going virtual or finding alternative ways for members to advocate.

Groups ramp up content, outreach to meet members' needs
Associations launch webinars, email updates and community forums to provide information on enduring pandemic’s economic fallout.

Groups must consider antitrust laws in pandemic response
As associations bring together members to address crisis, law firms provide guidance on steering clear of any anticompetitive conduct.

Associations seek to get cash in hands of laid-off workers
With unemployment rates soaring, demand for financial aid so high it has crashed websites of groups with assistance programs.

Surviving the storm

Groups navigating economic fallout of pandemic’s storm
Nonprofits are in ‘uncharted territory’ as they can’t gauge depth, duration of virus downturn.

Crises can give leaders, groups opportunities to rise to challenge
Longtime CEOs say top executives must convey positivity and give staff flexibility to deliver solutions.

Search for talent goes on even as in-person meetings stop
Some groups are eager to fill critical roles even if it means virtual hiring, but other associations may wait.

Association teleworkers fend off surge in hackers, scams during pandemic
Security experts say criminals are taking advantage of new reality of remote working.

Groups quickly transform big meetings into virtual events
Remote-working staff scramble to train speakers and to help exhibitors create virtual exhibits.

Groups grapple with coronavirus

Associations pivot as pandemic drives changes to meetings
Groups that said show would go on find they must cancel, postpone or go virtual; some continue with more health precautions.

Fly-in season under siege as Congress limits office visitors
March and April are popular months for association lobby days; some groups held their meetings before Capitol Hill shuttered.

Getting ready to make tough decisions on shows, events
Weigh pros and cons of postponing or holding virtual events instead of canceling, establish a go-no-go date and policy on refunds.

As virus spreads, groups seek to be advocate and resource
Associations step up for members by trying to calm public fears about disease, offering information about how to best prepare.

Previous coverage

Association fly-ins start to take a hit as coronavirus spreads
Some groups cancel annual lobby days in Washington, D.C., but many others move forward with meetings while continuing to monitor developments.

Business groups seek to ease coronavirus travel fears
U.S. Chamber and four associations urge companies and public to respond to disease calmly and rationally assess risks.

Event organizers step up sanitation, communication plans to allay coronavirus concerns
While some meetings have been canceled, many associations are going forward with their events. Precautions include more hand-sanitizing stations, additional cleaning staff. Some groups are encouraging a "no handshake" policy.

Coronavirus updates, Feb. 28-March 2
American Physical Society cancels Denver meeting, Global Business Travel Association releases results of poll on coronavirus impact.

Cruising industry taps Salerno in coronavirus response

Making difficult calls on events as coronavirus spreads

Public labs group plays key role in coronavirus response


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