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For veteran association CEO, a ‘constant learning journey’

ASHA’s Arlene Pietranton combines full-throttle engagement in both her volunteer and professional leadership positions

Aug. 22, 2014


Even after heading her professional society for a decade, and coming off a year as ASAE chair, Arlene Pietranton is still going places.

She’s nearing her goal of visiting all 50 states. (Just three more to go: Wyoming, North Dakota and Iowa.)

Representing ASAE, she’s traveled to Hong Kong, Australia and Europe. This week, she’ll be at the India Association Congress. She’s been interested to see how the association profession is regarded abroad, saying American association staffers are seen as “more defined” in terms of jobs, skill set and responsibilities. And she’s observed that counterparts in other countries have “been very thankful for our presence and involvement and very interested in learning from us.”