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Thirty-year veteran takes hands-on approach to search

After decades at big firms, Leonard Pfeiffer does things his way as head of his own shop; ‘listen to the question, answer the question’

May 31, 2013

By William Ehart

Leonard Pfeiffer

Leonard Pfeiffer didn’t want to be a recruiter (but he was recruited into it nonetheless). Once he became one, he didn’t want to move from New York City to Washington, D.C.

Yet here he is, more than 30 years later, running his own search firm, Leonard Pfeiffer & Co., at 13th and F streets Northwest in the nation’s capital.

“Shows how good I am at saying no,” Pfeiffer quipped during an interview with CEO Update in his office.

Korn/Ferry cofounder Lester Korn cajoled him into helping open the firm’s Washington office in the early 1980s, promising that after a year and a half or so, Pfeiffer could move on to one of his preferred destinations, California or Texas.