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Seed Trade CEO contends with diverse membership, board

Agriculture veteran Andy LaVigne brings experience gleaned in the field to managing his association’s issues, advocacy policy

Oct. 4, 2013


Plant life surrounds Andy LaVigne’s workday. Papering the lobby of the Alexandria, Va., office of American Seed Trade Association is a wall-size photo of his stock-in-trade. There’s a seed mosaic emphasizing the heritage of the group, founded in 1883. Even the carpet is worked in a subtle plant motif.

Before coming to run ASTA in 2006, LaVigne ran Florida Citrus Mutual for seven years, following four years heading the Florida Fertilizer & Agrichemical Association. He also spent a decade in D.C., working for the first Bush administration, and on the Hill in the agriculture committee staff.

He says association work “clicked for me.”