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Kneiss welcomes challenge of group merger, rebranding

May 30, 2014

As National Waste & Recycling Association enters new era, CEO reflects on the process she has overseen, and what’s still to come


In the conference room where she spoke with CEO Update, Sharon Kneiss, president and CEO of the National Waste & Recycling Association, sat below the sign with her association’s new name and logo. Rebranding came at the end of 2013, when Kneiss, who had led the Environmental Industry Associations since 2012, presided over the merger of EIA and two other related groups into a single entity.

And the name isn’t the only innovation. Launching just this month is a new driver certification program.

Kneiss said, “Safety is the bedrock for this industry and for this association. It has to be, because we have about 130,000 trucks on the road every day, so we wanted to be a real service to the industry by establishing a baseline for safe driving.”