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Insurance agents head focused on ‘big changes’ opportunities


When Ken Crerar talks about his approach to leading The Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers, he invokes a demolition scene. He says things like “I want to blow this structure up” and “you have to break glass” when he explains the changes he’s made in his two decades as president and CEO of the $8-million revenue group.


Among those changes was the multi-million-dollar rollout of a slick, edgy magazine 10 years ago, when many groups were starting to move away from print. The result: Leader’s Edge Magazine—what Crerar calls a “cross between Vanity Fair and The New Yorker for insurance brokers.”


In recent years, he’s aimed his wrecking ball at CIAB’s century-old meeting, looking to upend the culture of the interactions at the event.


Crerar’s first association job was lobbying for the Footwear Industries of America, where he “watched the industry disappear.”


“A lot of the lessons I learned were kind of crazy lessons on how you can protect an industry, but protection isn’t really the smartest way to approach things,” he recalls.