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CEO of retail banking group describes the turnaround

Hunt details what spurred membership growth and where new revenue emerged; how regulatory threat propelled value proposition

September 7, 2012

He says he shouldn’t tell his compensation committee, but Richard Hunt, president and CEO of the Consumer Bankers Association, loves what he does.

“I cannot believe they pay me to do this job. I love coming to work every day.” 

And it’s a job easier to love these days since, in his three-year tenure, CBA has moved from the brink of dissolution to a place with nearly doubled revenue and a higher lobbying profile.

After a stint as a campaign operative, then a Hill chief of staff turned financial service trade group executive, Hunt has spent his tenure in a double-barrelled push to raise revenue and heighten advocacy.

“I think everything at a trade association should make money,” he says and points to new member education products, but emphasizes that it’s the value proposition of navigating the new regulatory environment that has given CBA a new lease on life.