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CEO’s career trajectory is something of a chain reaction

After a delicate transition, president and CEO of Society of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates faces multiple industry challenges

May 18, 2012

Some might call it chemistry, the way Larry Sloan found his way to the top spot of an industry association.
Trained as a chemical engineer at the University of Pennsylvania, he started out in practice. When his first working group folded, he took the opportunity to add a Northwestern University degree. Then in Chicago, he met an alumnus who happened to head a chemical company.

“One thing led to another,” he said, and he started work there after business school in marketing and then sales, which took him to Florida. But straight sales (and the Southeast), “was just not my bailiwick.”
To get back to the Mid-Atlantic, he joined his father’s business for a time, but a conversation with an old Penn lab buddy changed the course of his future.

Robin Weiner, longtime president of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, told Sloan he seemed to have the right background for a chemical trade group.