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Bus CEO cultivates relationships on Hill, among members

For Peter Pantuso, scrutiny has hampered access, but technology helps engage members in the political process and with each other

July 13, 2012

Like many association CEOs, when Peter Pantuso casts his eye to the future he sees a horizon dotted with both competitive challenges and opportunities to provide value to his industry. And though he’s been successful in growing both membership and industry show attendance for the American Bus Association, Pantuso faces each day with a keen awareness of the ever-growing competition for his members’ resources and attention.

He describes ABA’s organizational chart as “constant change, but with a high degree of stability” and says a collaborative approach and regular reassessment have contributed to the longevity of a staff that includes several who have been with the group for more than a decade. Approaching his 16th anniversary at ABA, Pantuso himself is among that group.