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Veterinary group expands voice with video channel success

CEO Tom Bohn says having fun is critical to creating compelling, cost-effective content; he plays ‘veterinary fan boy’ in some features

AlligatorCEO Tom Bohn holds down an alligator for veterinarian Doug Mader at the Everglades Outpost wildlife rescue center. NAVC filmed a piece about treating alligators displaced by human activity.

July 28, 2017
By Lori Sharn

The North American Veterinary Community has racked up many tens of thousands of views for its new online video channel, along with $800,000 in sponsorship deals. NAVC launched “Spark! Your Veterinary News, Your Veterinary Life” in early February at its big annual conference.

How did the Florida-based group pull this off, when so many other associations are struggling to attract eyeballs?

Hint: It’s not all about the puppies.

“We have done it in a way that’s interesting and fun and, dare I say, a little bit sexy,” said CEO Tom Bohn. “We didn’t want it to be the boring, ‘Hi, I’m sitting here with Bob.’”