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Should you go with a PEO? Pros and cons for smaller groups

Pros and cons of using professional employer organizations for smaller association


July 23, 2021
By Kathryn Walson

Soon after the pandemic started, the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association’s staff—already located in four states—became even more scattered around the U.S. Some of the Texas-based association’s 30 employees stayed in the state while others already lived in Virginia, Maryland and Florida. Staff also moved to Colorado and Tennessee, and new hires are based in Georgia and Ohio.

This multi-state staff is one reason why Bob Voltmann, after he joined NIADA as CEO in October, soon hired a professional employer organization. The PEO manages human resources and a host of other functions while complying with labor and tax laws in each state.

“That really allows us to focus on running the association and serving the members and not tie up resources for compliance with state laws,” Voltmann said.