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The Road Show

Many association CEOs spend first year on the job visiting members, using opportunity to build bonds and hear concerns

Road Show

Jan. 5, 2018
By Walt Williams

When Jonathan Spalter joined USTelecom in January 2017 as CEO, it wasn’t long before he was on the road.

“Most important among my priorities in taking over leadership at USTelecom was to be able to get out to the communities that our members have been serving—to spend time with not just the members of the association but the teams that support the CEOs,” he said.

The listening tour is something of a rite-of-passage for many association executives in their first year on job, and many make a habit of continuing to regularly visit member businesses well into their tenures. But do such face-to-face meetings have any real value for either executives or their associations? Most executives contacted by CEO Update said yes, but that sentiment wasn’t universal.