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Recruiters give potential recruits pointers about recruiters

Meetings for coffee might not be fruitful; Association of Executive Search Consultants provides a ‘bill of rights’ for candidates

Question: I’'ve never dealt with an executive recruiter or search committee before. What should I expect?

Wendy Pangburn
President, Pangburn Partners

What candidates and job seekers need to remember is pretty simple. Recruiters work for the employer. That is how we get paid. We don'’t work for individual candidates. We only have a handful of active searches going on at one time so the chances of a job seeker’s resume matching the specific criteria of one of our active searches is slim. I tease that the job seeker might have a better chance of being hit by lightning! 

We do on occasion conduct a “courtesy” interview —meaning getting to know job seekers without having a specific opportunity in mind and offering some free advice. I am constantly contacted by friends of friends asking to “just meet for coffee.” While I agree to those invitations on occasion (it does come with the turf), I try to limit them to folks who would also improve my network.