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Recruiter close-up: Eder-Van Hook sees success in transitions

TMC co-founder looks for candidates who know themselves; firm places both interim and permanent leaders
van hook

June 16, 2017
By Lori Sharn

Job seekers need to do some research before reaching out to a recruiter, according to Jackie Eder-Van Hook, president and co-founder of Transition Management Consulting. There are many “flavors” of recruiters, and there’s a flavor for everyone, she said.

“We are not a monolithic group. We all come at the work from our own value system. We have niches for the kinds of clients that we work with,” Eder-Van Hook said. If you need a job tomorrow, she adds, “don’t call me. Call a recruiter doing a higher volume of work.”

TMC works mostly with membership societies, often in the scientific, medical and engineering fields. The company will take on no more than two simultaneous searches. It is also known for—and got its start—placing interim CEOs at organizations that need specialized help between an outgoing leader and a new top executive.