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Quatt: Organizational consulting is about more than dollars and cents

Linguistics Ph.D. and former Ivy League professor helps mission-driven groups measure critical qualitative aspects of leadership, too


April 12, 2019
By William Ehart

It’s not just about money for Charlie Quatt.

The former comparative literature professor (four years at Harvard, two at Princeton) turned management consultant may be best known—certainly to CEO Update readers—as an expert on executive pay.

But just as his intellectual pursuits ranged from undergraduate biology to a Ph.D. in linguistics and an MBA, his interest in organizational consulting goes beyond advising on whether highly paid executives should get paid more.

The modern nonprofit—its function, its culture, its management and the attributes of its top leaders—fascinates Quatt. So does the task of gauging executive accomplishment in a time of multifaceted demands, especially on trade associations.