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Pride in work fuels National Association of Realtors advocate

High school trip led to extensive career in advocacy for Jerry Giovaniello, who has worked on both sides of the political aisle


April 27, 2017

CEO Update: What initially drew you to politics?

Jerry Giovaniello: What drew me to American history/politics was a high school trip here (to Washington, D.C.). They took a picture of us in front of the Capitol and I thought, “I want to work here someday.” I wanted to teach history in college. After Vietnam there weren’t many college teaching jobs available so I worked for National Journal for about a year and a half and then moved to the Hill where I was chief of staff to a Republican and then a (Democratic) congressman, pretty much in the same district.

CU: You switched parties. Was there any reason?

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I had the pleasure of working with Jerry for many years as a Hill staffer. I cannot think of a better choice for Lobbyist of the Year. He is knowledgable, accessible and extremely helpful and an effective advocate. Congratulations Jerry! Andy Wright
awright1998 May 04, 2017 at 08:29