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Ports group promotes big-picture look at supply chain crisis

AAPA brings members together to address supply-chain issues

Oct. 22, 2021
By Lori Sharn

The supply chain crisis building for many months exploded into the public consciousness this fall with images of dozens of massive cargo ships anchored off the California coast, and warnings to consumers to start shopping for holiday presents now.

President Joe Biden announced Oct. 13 that ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach would be willing to move to 24-hour operations. Five other ports with major container operations have also committed to increased operating hours. Behind the scenes, the American Association of Port Authorities helped convene these seven port members, which account for 80% of the container traffic entering and exiting the U.S. The CEOs of the seven ports, in a letter they sent to the White House, committed to operational enhancements and sought the Biden administration’s help with other supply-chain players.