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Political science group tackles sexual harassment at meeting

APSA polled members about sexual harassment at annual event and discovered that a significant number reported unwanted advances


March 2, 2018
By Walt Williams

Several associations and professional societies have taken steps in recent years to tackle sexual harassment in their industries, and for one group that has meant trying to understand the extent of the problem at its annual meeting.

The American Political Science Association polled members in 2017 about whether they had experienced sexual harassment at the group’s annual conference. While a majority of respondents say they had not, a significant minority said they had been targets of unwanted comments, attention and coercion.

Now APSA is pushing to raise awareness about the issue and ensure members understand the group’s policy on harassment.

“It is fair to say these are complicated issues and we are sill discussing ways to refine and improve the policy,” APSA Executive Director Steven Smith told CEO Update.