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People skills top Pangburn’s list of leadership attributes

The ability to deal well with others is critical, but it must be in your DNA; what you can control is how you prepare for interviews


Dec. 18, 2015
By William Ehart

Being good with people is essential for leadership in the association world—and executive recruiter Wendy Pangburn says, in most cases, that skill has to come naturally.

“People skills can be fine-tuned but I don’t think they can be learned from scratch,” said Pangburn, a 10-year executive search veteran now at her own firm, Pangburn Partners.

Drawing from her own experiences as an association CEO, Pangburn will probe to see if she can find those skills—and the emotional intelligence that often goes with them—in job candidates.

So take care how you treat hotel desk clerks, waiters and others, at least while in her presence.