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New CEOs share strategic hiring tips

Many tap those they know, but evaluating existing staff, finding talent is crucial skill


Nov. 17, 2017
By William Ehart

Incoming CEOs inherit an organizational structure and incumbent staff but also must quickly work toward achieving new strategic goals set by the board.

That requires specific expertise that often must come from outside the organization. But the new CEO also must thoroughly evaluate existing staff to determine who should stay or go, based on their abilities and willingness to embrace change.

Many leaders turn to executives they already know. Absent such candidates, it becomes imperative to know where to look for key staff hires. In all cases, smart new CEOs seek candidates with a proven track record of doing the specific work they will be asked to do in the new job.

National Confectioners Association CEO John Downs and Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates CEO Jennifer Abril knew exactly who they wanted on their teams when they took their jobs.