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Memorable brand can be strong start for trade show success

Several associations have renamed their conventions in recent years to reflect changes in industry, draw larger audiences

Oct. 3, 2014
By Walt Williams

No single road when it comes to branding

Different associations employ different methods when rebranding their trade shows, but most interviewed by CEO Update emphasized the need for outside input. Phelps Hope of association management company Kellen said, “You need an objective party to test your thinking. Quite often you have that big personality that hijacks the process and you can’t allow that to happen.” Three strategies for getting an external view:

* National Cable and Telecommunications Association reached out to its vendors for feedback, such as its website service provider.

* AmericanHort surveyed members and formed focus groups with members and industry players.

* Craft & Hobby Association developed its new trade show brands with the help of outside marketing consultants.

-Walt Williams