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Managing more like a coach can boost you, your association

Changing times undermine command-and-control approach as faster decisions are necessary: CEOs can’t know and do everything


Jan. 17, 2020
By William Ehart

The pace of disruption and change are top of mind for CEOs today, and are often cited in discussions of what is increasingly required of leaders, such as vision, boldness and dynamism.

But savvy executives know that those qualities can’t just flow from the top down, especially if an organization is to remain agile.

CEO Update interviewed five association leaders who believe that coaching and developing staff is essential to their own success and that of their organizations.

“You can’t really drive organizations to change and innovation and agility if you’ve got a command-and-control structure,” said Deborah Bowen, CEO of the American College of Healthcare Executives since 2013. “Organizations don’t improve unless people do.”