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Looking for a job? Experts offer strategies to jump-start a search

Many longtime jobseekers need more self-awareness, business plan with KPIs

March 31, 2017
By Lori Sharn

Being unemployed while looking for a job is not the obstacle it once was, but that doesn’t make an extended search any easier. Executives who have gone many months to a year or more since their last position may need a new game plan and a renewed commitment to the task.

“People that are in transition need to treat transition as a full-time job,” said recruiter Taney Hamill, a senior consultant at Raffa. “It takes a lot of work to find a new opportunity.”

In some ways a job search is even harder today, said New York City-based career adviser Marianne Ruggiero. Before the recession started in 2008, people could make more cross-industry moves, she said, but that is increasingly difficult without the right network connections. The bias against older workers is also very real, she said.

But the good news: Persistence pays off more than talent, Ruggiero said.

Here are some strategies to help jump-start a job search: