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Lawmaker departures spell competition for association jobs

Thirty-three Members of Congress retiring from public office this year, including committee chairs; what if House flips to Democrats?

March 30, 2018
By William Ehart

These are no ordinary times in politics—nor for the association CEO job market.

Thirty-three members of the House of Representatives have announced they are leaving public office, 24 of them Republicans. Four senators also are not seeking re-election or departing soon, all from the GOP: Sen. Bob Corker, 65, of Tennessee, Sen. Jeff Flake, 55, of Arizona, Orrin Hatch, 84, of Utah and Thad Cochran, 80, of Mississippi, leaving April 1 because of health reasons.

While many association CEOs also have announced they will leave their groups, executive search consultants see it as the normal ebb and flow, coming on the heels of last year where there wasn’t much movement in the C-suite.

That leaves potentially quite a few members of Congress—some of whom are committee chairs—available for top association jobs or other lucrative K Street positions in a year where Democrats could make big gains in Congress.