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Large paychecks available at smaller groups, nonprofits

CEOs leading smaller trade associations with advocacy priorities in banking, energy and insurance sectors get better pay

April 3, 2015
By Mark R. Graham

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Large paychecks available at smaller groups
CEO perks trend toward cash 
Understanding this report

CEO pay in large associations (2014)
CEO pay in midsize associations (2014)

Leading a large trade association or professional society isn’t the only path to earn seven figures in the tax-exempt community.

Char Beales led the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing for 21 years until she stepped down in 2013. While her typical paycheck from CTAM was around $750,000, he earned $1.3 million in her final year—24 percent of CTAM-reported revenue that year. The group did not disclose any retirement or severance payments to Beales.