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Hiring on the upswing following tough year for associations

Remote work is changing the dynamics of filling positions, with many groups open to employees working from home at least part time


May 28, 2021
By Walt Williams

Associations are once again putting up “Help Wanted” signs, although some groups are now more flexible about where new employees can work.

Job openings for C-suite positions in associations are up 11% in 2021 compared to the previous year, according to a CEO Update analysis. CEO-level openings are up 18% while VP-level openings are up 21%.

The apparent spike comes after a year when many groups instituted hiring freezes or staff furloughs and layoffs, with staffing cuts usually falling hardest on employees below the C-suite level. Still, some associations weathered the COVID-19 pandemic better than others. CEO Update reached out to five associations currently running job ads to ask what they are encountering as they fill non-CEO positions.