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Groups race to fill ‘red-hot’ jobs in tight market for talent

HR execs, recruiters say development and learning officers have been among the most in-demand candidates for association positions

We're hiring sign

Jan. 7, 2019
By Walt Williams

The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association hasn’t hung a sign on its door reading “Help Wanted,” but the group has had difficulty filling certain positions over the past year.

“There’s a few, and surprising ones to be honest,” said Michelle Rostom, director of member workforce effectiveness at NRECA. “One of them was our social media editor. There are a growing number of them but there (still) aren’t that many out there, so they have choices. As we were interviewing, we had candidates and would lose them because they would get three or four offers.”

A healthy economy and low unemployment have shrunk the talent market and made it difficult for employers of all types to find skilled workers, with associations being no exception.