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Groups get strategic with digital chief hires

Role of top digital officer can vary across associations, but includes far more than IT

Digital chiefs (from left to right) Reilly, Foxgrover and DeLorenzo

July 14, 2017
By Lori Sharn

A new breed of executive is joining the C-suite. Some associations are hiring people who can cross disciplines to merge technology, marketing, member services and more into an overall digital strategy.

The chief digital officer concept started gaining traction in the corporate world several years ago. Now the association sector is picking up the trend. The position may be attached to many different titles: chief digital strategy officer, chief experience officer or chief of member engagement.

“Regardless of the title, many associations are recognizing that having someone in the role of overseeing member experience and digital channels is a great way to make sure you are improving those channels,” said Brian Reilly, who joined the American Society of Anesthesiologists in October as its first chief digital strategy officer.