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Fine set sights on corner office and planned climb to top

CCIM Institute CEO entered associations early in career and crafted strategy to gain knowledge he needed for leadership


July 13, 2018
By Walt Williams

Greg Fine was in his early 30s when he decided he would one day lead an association. He had jumped into the sector a few years earlier after moving to Washington, D.C., from his home state of Montana, and he liked what he found.

“It was around 30-31 that I said I wanted to be a CEO by the time I was 40—I set that goal,” Fine told CEO Update. “And then I systematically looked at CEOs I respected. I began to build my network, (and) I started asking what skills do I need to be a good CEO.”

Fine, 48, would achieve that goal in 2011 when he was appointed CEO of the Turnaround Management Association. Earlier this year he stepped down from TMA to become executive vice president and CEO of CCIM Institute, a Chicago-based certification group for commercial real estate professionals.