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Experts demystify process of CEO performance evaluations

Veteran chief executives, consultants say CEOs should have role in defining review process and establishing metrics for measuring progress


July 9, 2021
By William Ehart

Susan Cantrell, CEO of the Academy for Managed Care Pharmacy, calls them a “pain point” for boards and CEOs all the way around. Experts know they can be done well, or poorly. Steve Yurek, CEO of the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute, says boards and CEOs should not “procrastinate” on creating the process until the CEO’s contract is up.

At issue: CEO performance evaluations.

Cantrell says she frequently hears concerns about the performance evaluation process from fellow CEOs—and not always inexperienced ones.

“I am part of a networking group of about 12 health care association CEOs, and it is a frequent topic of discussion,” Cantrell told CEO Update. “It’s a pain point for boards and CEOs.”