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Experience, knowledge key for Global Automakers CEO

With 32 years of automotive advocacy behind him, Michael Stanton looks to research and technology for future growth

November 2, 2012

When Michael Stanton started his association career in 1979 at the Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association, that group represented only U.S. automakers. During the next three decades, seismic shifts in the industry changed the face of auto manufacturing and, by extension, associations representing it. 

Looking back to the early days of his career, Stanton, now CEO of Global Automakers, recalls a view that “business knew better than government,” a view that created an adversarial relationship with legislators and regulators. Though he says that’s changed, his tenets for successful advocacy have not: “Always be honest, straightforward and know as much as you can.” And looking ahead, he says better knowledge through research will be central to the association’s future and growth.

Global Automakers represents the U.S. divisions of 13 foreign motor vehicle makers.