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Crawford wins acclaim with Twain book


Jan. 5, 2018
By William Ehart

Alan Crawford has written and edited Impact, the newsletter for the Public Affairs Council, for 11 years on a contract basis, partly to leave himself free for other projects.

Projects like a critically acclaimed book on Mark Twain (about which he will be speaking at the Politics and Prose bookstore in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6).

Crawford’s latest book—“How Not to Get Rich: The Financial Misadventures of Mark Twain,” released in October—won praise in The Wall Street Journal (where it was reviewed by Roger Lowenstein) and The New Yorker.

“I got very interested in Mark Twain’s business career, which is kind of a cracked mirror image of business success and the American Dream,” the 64-year-old Richmond, Va., resident told CEO Update.

Standard biographies of Twain dealt primarily with his literary career, but Crawford delved into Twain’s correspondence and the records of his business partners.