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Co-op chief stays ‘connected’ domestically, internationally

National Cooperative Business Association CEO Mike Beall balances trade group enterprise and advocacy with NGO assistance

April 18, 2014


A conversation with Mike Beall is a study in contrasts. Against the backdrop of old-fashioned paneled library shelves at his New York Avenue office in Washington, D.C., he’s a man very much in the moment.

Most of the time, he’s on the road—and in the air—on behalf of the nearly 100-year-old group’s mission to develop and support the cooperative enterprise model here and abroad, across a variety of sectors.

Equipped with iPhone and iPad—he’s @MBeallCoopGuy on Twitter—he said, “These never leave my hands.”

On his travels, besides taking along a couple of suits and some Clif Bars, he said, “I’m using this iPad more than anything else to collect my notes, and to take pictures with the phone,” trying to capture and share the experience.