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Up close with millennials on careers, workplace

June 11, 2018
By Lori Sharn

AltusAshley Altus

Age: 24

Job: Multimedia content producer at American Osteopathic Association since September 2016.

Workplace positives: Open environment and dialogue. Appreciates when people ask her questions and value her opinion on a topic.

What motivates her: “The energy of an organization, that people are passionate about the work they’re doing, that we’re making a difference in people’s lives. The culture … is positive and open and ready for new ideas and ready to take them on.”

Outside interests: Involved in her church, enjoys ceramics, photography, going to live music and concerts.

On millennials: Dislikes stories about millennials “killing” different products or industries. “I don’t think we see a need to stick to the status quo.”