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Car club drives home value of delivering for AMPP CEO

People Update: Bob Chalker is the incoming chair of CESSE and a lifelong 'car guy'

CLASSIC WHEELS: Bob Chalker and wife Kim in their aquamarine 1972 MGB. They were attending a gathering of MG enthusiasts in Salado, Texas.

July 23, 2021

Bob Chalker, CEO of the Association for Materials Protection and Performance, is seeing another side of membership organizations: He volunteers for a local car club in Houston—previously as a board member and now as webmaster.

“The experience really helped me understand what our volunteers go through—what’s involved in running a local section … or putting on a symposium or a conference or running a class,” Chalker said. “As the CEO, particularly of a large organization, you can become very disconnected from what it takes to actually deliver, and the car club brings that home to me.”

While CEO of NACE International, Chalker led the organization’s merger with SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings to form AMPP. Chalker became CEO of AMPP when it launched in January.