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Association Newsmakers: Strategies for growing membership

American Hotel & Lodging Association CEO Katherine Lugar says organizational restructuring, focus on advocacy key to growing her group's members.



Evolving trends in association executive search
Korn Ferry's Nels Olson says resumes and experience still important, but today's boards are looking for leaders with proven record of accomplishment.


How to keep your career vibrant
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association CEO Arlene Pietranton says staff are among the untapped wells of new ideas for top executives.


Working as a team to expand industry influence
Aluminum Association CEO Heidi Brock says that for coalitions to succeed, their members must have all issues on the table from the beginning.


Groups most keep close eye on finances
Longtime financial adviser Charlie Tate says reserve size and technology spending are just two items executives must tackle when budgeting.

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