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Association Newsmakers: How to gain an edge in government relations placement

Executive recruiter Julian Ha says candidates for advocacy positions must be able to adapt to the changing nature of the job.



Public affairs as effective advocacy
American Petroleum Institute CEO Jack Gerard says technology makes possible more ways to reach voters with group's message.


How to gain an edge in government relations placement
Executive recruiter Julian Ha says candidates for advocacy positions must be able to adapt to the changing nature of the job.


Successful advocacy in the regulatory arena
National Association of Broadcasters CEO Gordon Smith shares advice about how to best navigate Washington, D.C.'s agency environment.


Current executive salary and compensation trends
Executive compensation expert Charles Quatt notes that incentive compensation continues to rise but perks are on the downswing.


Invigorating culture in a trade group
National Rural Electric Cooperative Association CEO Jo Ann Emerson says engaging your staff goes a long way toward making them happy to come to work every day.


Engaging a wide membership
National Association of Manufacturers CEO Jay Timmons says associations must anticipate the future needs of their members to thrive.


Refreshing the image of your industry
National Automatic Merchandising Association CEO Carla Balakgie speaks about her organization's efforts to increase both the visibility and profitability of the vending machine industry.


Enacting a successful group makeover
Insured Retirement Institute CEO Cathy Weatherford talks about guiding her organization through some big changes, including a rebranding and new mission statement.


The do's and don'ts of executive recruiting
Executive recruiter Leslie Hortum says good work that gets noticed by your peers is the quickest way for job candidates to get on her radar.


Running a professional society as a business
American Society for Nutrition CEO John Courtney says the key to success for nonprofit organizations is to approach their jobs as if they were running a for-profit business.


Proactively tackling an industry challenge
American Beverage Association CEO Susan Neely says associations must appeal to the mainstream when industry is under attack.


Using data to enhance your industry's reputation
Investment Company Institute CEO Paul Stevens says honesty and accuracy in industry analysis can have huge payoffs when building public confidence.


Effectively managing your time
American Trucking Associations CEO Bill Graves shares tips on how association executives can productively divide up their busy schedules.


Building a strong executive team
Financial Services Roundtable CEO Tim Pawlenty describes what personality traits he looks for when recruiting top staff.


Leveraging a foundation to advance your mission
National Restaurant Association CEO Dawn Sweeney discusses how her organization has positioned its foundation to tell the story of its industry.


Challenges and opportunites facing associations
ASAE President and CEO John Graham explains how technology and demographic shifts are forcing organizations to rethink their relationship with members and staff.


Successful long term strategic planning
Food Marketing Institute CEO Leslie Sarasin speaks about how her association has used long-range planning to push staff to excel at their jobs and to guide major decisions.


Handling tough advocacy issues
International Franchise Association CEO Steve Caldeira speaks about his organization's involvement in the minimum wage fight and the steps taken to get members engaged in policy issues.


Enriching the trade show experience
National Retail Federation CEO Matthew Shay discusses what his organization has done to keep its trade show a rewarding experience for both exhibitors and attendees in a digital age.