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Ask the Recruiter: Build network, articulate value to move to new industries

Lobbying success in one sector can be transferred to others; cultivate a broad array of contacts to keep from being pigeonholed

Friel and Humphrey
Pat Friel, left, and Elizabeth Humphrey

Jan. 16, 2017

Question: I have a varied background with corporate, agency and Hill experience, but it is all in the maritime industry and I feel like that pigeonholes me. How can I best position or showcase my wide skill set?

Elizabeth Humphrey
Managing Principal
The McCormick Group
Candidates have to remember that it’s not the most qualified person who gets the job, it’s the person who articulates why he or she is the best candidate!

Candidates need to know their value to their markets, not in dollars and cents terms, but in terms of what they can do for an organization. You also need to be able to quantify your accomplishments and use them in your favor during an interview.