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ASCE coaches members to advance infrastructure prospects

American Society of Civil Engineers, after decades cultivating media, seizes moment as bigger tent may help boost major spending plan


July 9, 2021
By William Ehart

For Emily Feenstra of the American Society of Civil Engineers, this is an “all-hands-on-deck” moment, and busily prepping members for local and national media interviews is half the battle.

Large, competing infrastructure packages are being buffeted about on the seas of extreme partisanship (and potential intraparty mutiny), and may yet be sunk. But Feenstra, who calls herself a glass-half-full person, senses a better opportunity than has existed in years.

“I don’t want to say frenzy, but everybody feels the urgency right now,” said ASCE’s managing director of government relations and infrastructure initiatives, who also oversees media efforts. “There’s a narrow window of opportunity. The conversations are different. This attempt is broader.”