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Art, association experiences align for Jones

JonesCharlie Jones in his U Street Corridor art space.
Photo: Charlie Jones

Nov. 3, 2017
By Walt Williams

Charlie Jones had no formal art training when he first put paintbrush to canvas roughly two decades ago. All he had was a love for abstract painting and a new home in Washington, D.C., with many blank walls.

“I did a few paintings and the neighbors were all complimentary,” Jones told CEO Update. “But then I had the occasion of meeting a person here in Washington who was very connected to the art community and he actually validated some of that. He said, ‘You know, they’re not all great, but you have a few nice ones that are very interesting and I would be willing to do a show on you.’”

So started Jones’ art career. When not painting, the artist is SVP of global brand management at the Futures Industry Association, where he oversees the group’s marketing, conferences and member services departments.