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AMA head looks beyond his group’s enrolled members

James Madara sees his mandate extending to patients, medical students and doctors striving to maintain financial sustainability 

Oct. 19, 2012

The strategic plan for the American Medical Association under CEO James Madara is broader than the group itself. He is quick to turn the conversation to the larger questions facing doctors today, often blurring the line between his membership and the medical profession at large. 

And no wonder. By his calculation, through its representative house of delegates and individual members, the association claims to stand for at least 90 percent of America’s doctors—a group he admits is not homogeneous in needs or opinions. 

As a result of that broad base, he says the group had become a face on many fronts. Wary of a scattershot approach, the pathologist-turned-medical-executive who took office in July 2011 turned his attention to a more targeted strategic plan.“

James Madara
We had gone through a phase of doing many things, developing many interesting projects,” all worthy, he said, but in danger of diluting the group’s impact and focus.