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Adler wants to hear accomplishments, not name-dropping

Government relations specialist looks for candidates with passion and ability to articulate value; happy to give jobseekers advice

March 8, 2013
By William Ehart

Ivan Adler

Name-dropping doesn’t do it for executive recruiter Ivan Adler, who himself is plugged in to the political scene and widely quoted in national and inside-the-Beltway publications.

Adler, a principal at The McCormick Group who specializes in finding top government relations talent, notes that Washington, D.C., can be a small place.

“Everybody in this town, if you work long enough, you should know the people,” he told CEO Update at the firm’s Arlington, Va., office.

“It’s not really enough to know somebody; you have to have those people be willing to do something for you and you have to have accomplishments.