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‘Lobbyist hunter’ Ivan Adler goes solo


Sept. 13, 2019
By William Ehart

Ivan Adler has earned high name recognition in Washington, D.C.’s influence industry. He’s frequently quoted in Beltway publications and even The New York Times. His Twitter handle—@lobbyisthunter—says it all.

And he won’t have to change it now that he’s opened his own firm, Ivan Adler Associates, which launched Sept. 3.

After 23 years at executive recruitment firm The McCormick Group—21 of them placing government relations professionals in new jobs—Adler decided to place himself in a new position.

“It was time,” he told CEO Update. “I needed to do something new, I needed to refresh. And the best way I thought I could do that was to try to do it myself. …

“It’s so crazy, because I’m constantly trying to get people to think about leaving their jobs. And there I was still (at McCormick) after 20 years.”

Adler is working from his Arlington, Va., home. His practice will encompass associations, corporations and law and lobbying firms.