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This report lists the salaries of 446 CEOs at professional groups whose main body has more than $5 million in revenue. The information is gathered from IRS Form 990, the disclosure document that must be filed by tax-exempt organizations, for fiscal years 2012 or 2013—the latest available.

Executive compensation in associations and nonprofits is influenced by five major organizational characteristics:  size, industry, membership type, activity and location. To benchmark compensation accurately requires identifying similar groups based on those critical, linked characteristics. 

Data skewed by large number of smaller groups where pay is proportionally greater; but even some major groups pay CEOs more. “If you’re good, don’t be afraid to ask for what you think is just compensation,” Air Conditioning Contractors of America CEO Paul Stalknecht said. "But (CEOs) also have to be respectful of the size of the organization and its ability to pay. If you have a $1 million budget, asking for $700,000 is crazy."


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