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A new revenue threshold for inclusion—$12 million—prompted significant changes in this year’s annual CEO salary report. The associations omitted after falling below the new revenue minimum:

This report lists the 200 highest-paid staffers in associations. The information is gathered from the IRS Form 990, the disclosure document filed by tax-exempt organizations, for fiscal years 2013 or 2014—the latest data available.

What's behind the paychecks of top-paid CEOs? The newest data on the highest-paid association CEOs show dramatic increases in salaries and a big shift toward incentive pay. Twenty-one top executives earned more than $2 million in the latest tax year, and that’s expected to grow as more disclosures become available. In 2007, only four association CEOs earned more than $2 million.

Executive compensation in associations and nonprofits is influenced by five major organizational characteristics: size, industry, membership type, activity and location. To benchmark compensation accurately requires identifying similar groups based on those critical, linked characteristics.


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